Fees & Terms

Our fees are negotiated and agreed with clients and partners in advance. As a guideline No Added Sugar daily rates for 2017 start from £300 per artist, depending on the nature of work, number of participants and length of contract - with payment due on day of completion, plus additional expenses agreed for preparation, materials and travel.

Guest speaker fees, and evening, weekend or hourly rates can be negotiated.

We always discuss proposals thoroughly with clients before agreeing an appropriate fee – please do get in touch with us for more information, or to discuss your idea or project.

Contact Time / Workshops

  • £300 – artist daily rate for more than 5 days booked
  • £325 – artists daily rate for less than 5 days booked
  • £325 - artists daily rate when staying away from home
  • £350 – per day Gordon large scale sculpture
  • Plus materials and fuel @ 45p per mile.
  • Monitoring and evaluation half day – £125

Project Planning

  • Visit and project planning from £100 plus fuel @ 45p per mile
  • Visit and project planning plus video presentation with whole school and question answer session £250 plus fuel @ 45p per mile
  • Project costing following initial visit from £50